Buying? Selling?

Use our experience to your advantage - whether buying or selling.

With years of experience of buying and selling, a smooth exchange saves time, money and headache for everyone involved. Whether you’re looking to buy, wanting to sell, need another opinion, or a facilitator in the process, I’ll be glad to help. Here are some services offered:

Selling – Wanting to avoid the inconvenience of selling your equipment? After putting my eyes and hands on it, I’ll make a solid market offer.

Buying – Need to add to your operation? Let me help you find the best value and equipment to meet your needs.

Brokering/Consigning – Working together, I’ll ensure your equipment is accurately inspected and marketed to ensure an efficient selling process in regards to money and time.

Facilitating – Need a hand on getting a deal wrapped up? I’ll help in any way: Inspection, turn trades to cash, market advice, etc.