The Difference.

Providing the best equipment - period.

I’ve worked for large dealerships that did a solid job on setting outlines to serve customers across the board. However, I knew I could better serve customers by setting my own standards and adapting them by each transaction. Every piece of equipment is not the same, and it doesn’t come down to a pass or fail – equipment should be represented accurately and fair for the buyer and seller. I represent the equipment for you, regardless of which side of the equipment you are on.

Single digit brokerage fees or flat rate fees. Price and costs should never be the determining factor in any exchange, and it’s not with these services. However, allowing flexible options and not a strict percentage fee allows me to get the best competitive market price for an efficient process to meet your needs.

Inspected equipment. All items have had my eyes on and generally my hands and tools as well. Informing the seller and buyer accurately of what to expect, shortens time and headache.

In woods equipment. Nice equipment lots, road frontage and convenient locations are great, but they add to the price of each item. Most of the equipment listed is in the woods and can be viewed and/or tested to ensure what you’re getting.